My Artistic Focus

My works derive their inspiration from various sources. I focus on the common ground that exists between diverse cultures. In this sense, I do not distinguish between figurative or abstract expressions.

My paintings pose the question: "Can ideas understood in the context of one culture find meaning and relevance in another culture?" I answer that question with my art. It is a reflection of a multi-cultural information-based global dynamic.

I often create works organized in series. This allows me to explore through variations the meaning of a particular idea. The form of the work becomes the key. A strong conceptual focus guides my work. Beyond that, I am very concerned about the details of surface, texture and color.

Uday K. Dhar


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"But it is Uday Dhar's The New Americans, Adam and Eve that gets my vote for the most majestic mixed media painting in the show. Its gigantic masked couple are a worthy pair that could share the stage with some of the artists' favorite predecessors—Dürer, de Kooning and Picasso among them." (Sandra Bertrand; Highbrow Magazine)

Current / Next Shows:


Solo Show at the Windows on Amsterdam Gallery | City College of New York in New York, NY: "Splitting Image", Opening November 5, 2017.

Group Show at the Charles H. Wright African American Museum in Detroit, MI: "i found god in myself: 40th anniversary of Ntozake Shange's for colored girls...", January 15, 2018-April 27, 2018.

Recent Shows:


Group Show at the Museum of African Amercan Culture in Houston, TX: "i found god in myself: 40th anniversary of Ntozake Shange's for colored girls...", March 10-April 15, 2017.